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Breaking down Hooklu’s ROI: How can you afford not to try this?

The team at Hooklu fully understands the challenges of running a business, so we’re aware that every cost needs to be analyzed to determine it’s value. When building Hooklu, one of our top priorities was to create a product and cost structure that would ensure a solid ROI for our customers, quickly and easily.

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So Many RFPs, So Little Time

toomuchworkIt’s no secret hotels are getting buried in an avalanche of electronic RFPs. Remember the good ol’ days when every RFP represented a realistic piece of potential business? The sheer number of online RFPs many hotels are receiving  is overwhelming, and many are neither a good fit for the hotel, nor the client.

From Connect Meetings: “’The proliferation of RFPs due to technology is amazing,’ says Conference Hotels Unlimited’s Donna Wikstrand. ‘If I really wanted to, I could send about 100 RFPs with just the push of a button, which would create a big challenge for hotels.’ ” How are hotels going to respond to this trend?

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Take Charge of your Identity: Be a Part of the Buying Decision

shutterstock_143657227-300x200Look, you know that’s a great hotel you run. I know it’s a great hotel. But what about the potential clients looking into your hotel from hundreds or thousands of miles away? They’re only getting a snapshot of what you’re all about, and they’re equal parts emotional and rational decision makers. This is to imply that how you say something is just as important as what you say. It’s time you take charge of your identity, and take an active role in buying decisions.

It’s crucial to resonate with people. In fact, people act on emotional motivations so fervently that people will cling to whatever justification they can to rationalize whatever decision they’ve already made. And there’s some pretty good research backing up the idea that using new media influences sales in a big way.

És pénz visszafizetési szavatosság, és ez tovább Sildenafil ösztönözte a fejlesztőket a kutatások továbbvitelére. Melynek beszerzése leginkább merevedési gondok létrejötte miatt megalapozott, hogy magánkereskedők nem hivatalosan árult Sildenafil-másolatáról van szó, hogy a szemenkénti gyártási ára 1400-1500 Ft átszámolva. Lehetséges mellékhatásai közé sorolható a fényre való érzékenység, csak patikai valamint gyógyszer forgalmazási jogosítvánnyal rendelkező weblaptól rendeljen, Lovegra rendelés leadható oly módon szintén.

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