So Many RFPs, So Little Time

toomuchworkIt’s no secret hotels are getting buried in an avalanche of electronic RFPs. Remember the good ol’ days when every RFP represented a realistic piece of potential business? The sheer number of online RFPs many hotels are receiving  is overwhelming, and many are neither a good fit for the hotel, nor the client.

From Connect Meetings: “’The proliferation of RFPs due to technology is amazing,’ says Conference Hotels Unlimited’s Donna Wikstrand. ‘If I really wanted to, I could send about 100 RFPs with just the push of a button, which would create a big challenge for hotels.’ ” How are hotels going to respond to this trend?

This creates quite a dilemma: every piece of business or potential business is critical for most hotels, but not every RFP is a viable request, and it can resemble a minefield trying to get through it all. What’s a hotel to do? The good news is there are solutions out there.

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Turning to innovative technology, hotels can use automation tools, templates and analytics functionality to respond to RFPs in a fraction of the time it used to take to accomplish the task. I’m talking minutes here. Imagine responding to RFPs with just a few clicks and being able to track them all with analytics tools that let you know when proposals are viewed and what potential clients looked at. Think about never letting a piece of business slip through the cracks again.

The tools already exist to do this. At Hooklu, we know all about the challenges of running a hotel, and we committed ourselves to finding solutions. If you’re looking for way to master the deluge of RFPs your hotel is facing, give us a call. We’d love to talk about how Hooklu can help you work smarter and win more business today.

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