Welcome to Hooklu


The VIP Event Resources Team is thrilled to announce the launch of Hooklu, our brand new electronic proposal platform designed specifically for hotels like yours. So, what’s Hooklu all about? It’s about optimizing your sales in the modern marketplace, and making it insanely easy to do so. Proposals with Impact. Seamless Delivery. Comprehensive Analytics.

Hotels face a lot of challenges these days, and Hooklu is built to help you overcome them by working smarter, not harder. In just a few clicks, you can build Media-Rich Proposals that set your hotel apart, highlight your brand, engage your audience and leave powerful impressions about what you are capable of. Quick, Clean Online Delivery lets you respond to that mountain of RFPs faster and easier than ever before. Real-Time Analytics features give you the insight into what your clients are looking at and provide you with the Business Intelligence to manage your strategy with confidence.

Possibility abounds with Hooklu. Imagine giving a virtual site inspection that immerses your clients in the sights and sounds of the experience you provide. Highlight the very best your brand has to offer. Connect with clients on a visceral level your competitors won’t be able to match. See the difference; Take a look at how Hooklu can transform the way you communicate with clients by comparing traditional sales materials to a Hooklu proposal.

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Vibrant. Engaging. Powerful.

Vibrant. Interactive. Powerful.

Best of all, Hooklu is a snap to use, and it simplifies your workflow with the modern technological conveniences that are becoming commonplace these days. Rest assured you’ll have a more time to kick back with your feet up, and that’s never a bad thing.

Check out the Hooklu Hompeage to see more, and contact us to talk about what you are capable of with Hooklu today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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