The New Target Market

cutting-edge-300x148The world is evolving right outside your window — a sea change driven by youth and technology. Don’t cower in fear. Skynet isn’t becoming self-aware just yet. Technology is here to help, and it’s increasingly important to leverage that to your advantage if you want to reach the progressively influential tech-driven generation.

I’m not just talking about Facebook and Instagram here; this isn’t some passing fad. The tide of technology is coming in, and it’s not unique to the hospitality world. In fact, the hospitality industry can even be considered late to the game.

The tech industry is exploding: employment numbers are nearing all time highs, wages are increasing, and companies are growing and spending more money. The technology industry is one of the biggest contributors to business travel spending, so hotels would be wise to position themselves to cater to these increasingly influential companies. Who are the movers and shakers influencing how those companies are spending their money? Young, tech-savvy talent, and they aren’t going to be impressed with the printed PDFs, static images, and email chains associated with traditional proposal delivery methods.

Millennials will become the dominant demographic in the workforce in the coming years, and they are already showing their influence in the technology segment. Marketing your hotel and services to these companies is only going to resonate if you use the modern tools that are so prevalent in nearly every facet of peoples’ lives. From Brian Solis, “For the Millennial, digital is in their DNA… ‘Over the next five years, businesses will witness an unprecedented generational shift in the workplace.’ This will have an almost unfathomable impact on not just how the company operates, but also its operating philosophy and overall culture. If businesses don’t take a proactive approach to defining this over the next several years, it will be defined organically. And, it might not evolve according to a favorable vision and purpose.”

Credit: Brian Solis

Credit: Brian Solis

Every day you wait to adopt modern solutions to emergent challenges is a day the competition is getting a leg up on your business. You’re probably up to your eyeballs in electronically sent RFPs. Imagine responding to every RFP in less time than it took you to sort through them and respond to just the few you deemed most relevant. The early adopters are already reaping rewards, so don’t get caught being late to the party. Do more. Do it faster, and expend less effort. There’s really no downside to using technology to your advantage.

Is your hotel ready to meet these challenges? Hooklu is a group of innovators, and we see opportunity in evolution. Forward thinking hotels should too, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition to thrive now and into the future. We’ve got the tools to help you create media-rich proposals faster and with less effort, and our Analytics functionality gives you unprecedented Business Intelligence. Take a look at everything we can do to take your hotel to the next level by streamlining the way you work and helping you flat out win more business. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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